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What We Do

At Save the Children Türkiye, we believe every child deserves a bright future. Since 2013, we have worked in Istanbul and Hatay to help children affected by the Syrian crisis, providing child protection, psychosocial support, early childhood education, and livelihood aid. 

Following the devastating 2023 earthquakes, we rapidly expanded efforts to meet urgent needs in across the worst affected provinces, including Kahramanmaraş, Adıyaman and Gaziantep. We distribute critical supplies like shelter, food and hygiene kits, establish safe spaces for children, and provide educational resources. Our child-friendly spaces help children cope, play, and learn. Through our efforts, we aim to reach 500,000 people, including 190,000 children. 

Our relief work focuses on both immediate aid and long-term recovery. We rehabilitate schools, foster continued education, create livelihood opportunities, and empower communities. By listening to children and families, we tailor programs to their needs and promote accountability. 

We partner with government and other organisations to maximize impact. Our collaborative efforts amplify voices, enhance resilience, and pave the way for a better future where children's wellbeing and rights are upheld. 

At Save the Children Türkiye, we are dedicated to supporting Türkiye’s children today and creating lasting hope for tomorrow.